Seven Deadly Vices

My Demon Equivalent
I finished up the seven deadly vices for the swap hosted by amyfaerie. It’s another odd circumstance that has occurred. Even before this swap came about I had found this set of art of demons, real demons well as real as you can get, meaning I did not make them up.

They have been sitting around waiting to be made in to cards but I couldn’t figure out how then BAM this swap comes along and I did a little research cause I just like doing that (little known fact, I research a lot of information for my cards and altered books there is meaning to them sometime, something only I know) ok back to what I was writing. Research came up with the fact that each vice or sin it has a demon equivalent.
For instance Greed or Avarice is Mammon and Gluttony is Beelzebub. I might be slow and everyone else knew this but I’m thrilled that I learned something. Well I decided to come up with an 8th vice for a hostess gift. I chose seduction and that demon is Astaroth. I’m kinda proud of my cards oh gees...i’m doing a Lucifer...


Anonymous said…
see what i get for not reading your blog! i missed this post! your cards are lovely . . . i want them all for myself. :D

and, my blog looks like your blog--so if you notice that, please know it's coincidence, not stalking. :D
Gaby Bee. said…
Wonderful cards. I especially love
"My Demon Equivalent." Stunning!
Babbetto said…
Your cards are all just fabulous! I especially love gluttony, that one just came out beautifully!
Fantastic research too.

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