Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Family

I was trying a technique from the Somerset magazine. Painting over black and white Xerox copy. This is my parents, they look real happy but that only lasted for three years. They were married in Ethiopia. I have this in my art hovel so I can ponder on it. The nice thing about my parents is that they always stayed friends so when my mom sees this she won't freak. I love how the veil turned out in this, I used tissue paper a suggestion by my husband. is where I'm going to let you in on family secrets....We have kept this fact silent for many years, for the sake of the grand parents (they were so old fashion, the grandmother still)My father passed away at the tender age of 45 he died a very proud and nobel gay man (and I don't mean he was happy all the time). My father the research scientist, his life work to study cancer. A very talented artist and my father....Charles Gschwind... look him up... bet you can't understand anything he wrote about.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My first swap

Ok, so I have my first swap going on at atcsforall and it's Butterdogs. I'm new to hosting so I can only have 12 players. That's a good thing since I don't want to mess anything up.
It's going great, the swap is filled and I've gotten two adorable sets of Butterdoggies already. Now I need to get my own going. I've been putting off making cards for too long now.

CArd update I've fiinished up my butter dogs.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May is my month

Gees....Everything is so nifty in May. At least for me. So let me tell you why.

I'm the featured artist on the atcsforall's website. How cool is that! I'm all giddy about it.

I've also been selected as one of 10 artist to have an ATC in the ACEO magazine. That one made me all a flutter.

My mother and I are having a small art show this Thursday, crossing fingers that something sells. It's going to be great to spend time with my mom. And my next high moment for the month of May is. I had a book review published in the Georgia Library Quarterly Magazine. It's all slick and pretty and my name is even spelled correct. It's all about ME!!!!!! finally

My all seeing eye

While working on some swaps for charms for atcsforall and a batch of art pins for I came up with this necklace for me.

It's a bit of sheet metal that was left over from the charm swap. (I was cutting out hearts) It's wrapped with the old book pages, sealed and then the other elements were added with E6000 glue. I salvaged my own bezel for the eye. It is the back of a watch. I painted and sealed the nails.

Ok so the nails..I have a postcard of a wonderful wooden fish and it has a million painted nails hammered into it. I loved those nails and always wanted to do something like that. Well this worked perfect.

I was on a roll so I made one for the art pin swap also. This one is a pin and a necklace. I plan on making more of these over the weekend.