Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crow Pages

I'm making Crow pages for roc's journal swap.
It's been fun but I get stuck on the journal bit.
any how they are done on water color paper, with acrylic paint and any odd bits of images or paper that i liked. Oh! and lots of doodling, my husband bought me some cool gel pens so i've been having way too much fun with them.

9 nice thoughts:

TanyaMac said...

The phantom blogger returns armed with gel pens and crows in bikinis. I would love to know how that brain of yours operates Miss Eggs! I've never had a go at these journal pages, I think the term 'journal' worries me as in its about me - if you could see how my brain operates you'd probably be wary too! :)*

Outstanding Stranger said...

Love your pages Greer....and I was lucky enough to get one of your pendants from the bamboo tile swap over at MAW.....Love it..Diane

Fishstikks said...

Holy Smokes!!
I am thoroughly digging your crow pages!!

They are just fantastic!!

WW said...

Ms Egg....Loving those crow pages! Such a strange creative mind...lol

roc said...

wow greer....amazing!!!

Gaby Bee said...

Your crow pages are amazing. Once again you have done a wonderful job with color texture and fabulous images!
Gaby xo

Trish said...

I love your pages!!!so glad I stumbled into your blog:)

HeArt Collective said...


too cool!

Paben said...

Aw these are wonderful!So creative!I am painting mine and have some of the art drawn,but I still need to get this brain in gear!