How about paper dolls?

I have been working on a set of cards for a swap at It’s the seven deadly sins. My cards will the demon equivalent of the sins, but this is not about those cards, it’s just that I got on a tangent and started thinking about angels as well.
So I made a card for one of my trading buddies over there and I named her Sara Phem for seraphim’s . This might be an instance of me thinking I’m clever but not really.

I have been on a kick with covering cards with that silver metal duct tape. I love this stuff. She’s a little bit of a paper doll because I cut her dress out of decorative paper.
Odd occurrences happen to me from time to time, after doing this card and thinking of paper dolls the next day I found this great book at the library. It’s Artful Paper Dolls By Terry Taylor. It’s that power of positive thinking (now if it will only happen to me with the lottery).

So my next idea will be to make some paper dolls not the average kind, don't snicker. Shoot I might make those seven deadly demon sins into paper just never know.


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