Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marie Antoinette BIG Hair Tutorial

Paint Over and Tissue Hair Technique

 I used a computer print out of Marie Antoinette the original BIG hair Queen,
She's younger in these and not so big in the hair dept. You can use any image you want, next time I might try my cat she'd look real good with big hair.
 Cover the image with white Gesso, it will dry a bit transparent.  I blot areas that I would like to see more of the image to come through.
 Once the Gesso is dry, paint over the image. Here I used art markers and highlighters. Neon dry board markers are fun too just make sure to
set them with fixative or hairspray or they might rub off.

 The pink in the cheeks is the neon dry board markers.
Outline the image with a black pen, Sharpie Rapidograph, something thin in the tip.
 Now it's time for the tissue paper. I used white, you could use any color you wanted.
 I loaded the tissue paper with lots of PVA glue, school glue and molded it right on top of the paper the image is on. Once dry it's stuck to the paper which gives it it's backing. I let it dry overnight then used an ink pad to color the hair. Marker transferred to a cosmetic sponge will work also.
Cut your image out and place her on whatever you want.
That's it, I've used this for making ATC's.
 These ladies are a bit bigger so I will use them in a mixed media project.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art O Mat Cards

The 50 cards for Art O Mat  are done and shipped.
Smaller than your average ATC card but with the same care and time I put in all my work.
So if you happen to find a What The Cluck? box of art let me know.

 Oh and I just had to add Ingrid. This photo make me laugh. Snapped it in mid talking mode, most likely about how her bothers are hogging all the Frisbees.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cool Chicks

Just wanted to share my chickens with you. They are the funniest things, love bananas and grapes. And I get the greatest eggs from them, two white and two brown.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yeah!! for Art-o-mat Artists in Cellophane

I have the pleasure to be one of the many artist that Art O Mat has approved for their vending art machines.
I'm so happy and thrilled. If you don't know what an Art O Mat machine is, well it's a upcycled
retired cigarette vending machine.

This is a great little article from Denver. Any how I have to make 50 little collages for this project, package and send them off and the lovely folks art Art O Mat send them out to the various vending machines around the USA. Not only am I working on these little cards but I'm am also adding items to my Etsy Store and I have also been able to have my jewelry placed in an antique shop here in the Old Town of Conyers. I've been very busy but very happy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014


I'm making river rock pendants again. I love doing these but was on hiatus from doing any
jewelry for a bit. I had to got buy a new soldering iron and that helped get me back in the swing.
Hopefully this will be a trend for me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Paint Me Over

I'm seriously thinking of hosting a swap on AFA which would be Gesso paint over ATC's.
It's a fun and easy technique that always gives me a satisfied feeling. Easy Peasy, get a magazine photo or color copy and paint it over with Gesso, Gesso dries a bit transparent so when you paint over it with markers or paint it's easy to see where you want the color to go. I love that it looks like a painting but tada no drawing required.

These were for a SwapBot Female Superheros swap, color print out paint over

these two are magazine paint overs

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wire and Tissue Paper Fairy Wings

this is a re-post of 2008 but I love making these and if someone comes upon this blog and has a need for fairy wings at least you won't have to dig around in the blog for it. nails always look that horrid I play with too much brown ink
Everything can use a good pair of wings
Ok, so who can’t use a set of fairy wings...I know for one I’d love to have a pair. I’d want green with blue glitter. Well here’s how I make fairy wings. You’ll need some wire, something you can bend easy. Form it into wings. You can make them fancy with curly cues or leave them plain. This set is the basic wing.

Cover tissue paper with glue and cover the wire with the tissue paper, add more glue on the outside of the tissue paper wings also. This will give it more durability and also a nice translucent look. You’ll need to hang your wings to dry usually overnight or if you’re in a hurry like I am use the hairdryer. After they are dry trim and add your glitter or what ever you want to them.

You’re ready to place. When I put wings on an image I will back the image with a thin cardstock of some kind so when I glue the wings in place you won’t see a raised area where the wing back is.
Ok that's it...go make some wings....

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making a Mountain

My husband and I are making a little town.
HO Scale and this is the mountain pass that we are working on. Cardboard and insulation foam is easy compared to doing it the old school way with wire and plaster.