Matal Tape Background

When I was a kid, my grandmother and I use to glue string and cardboard on wooden boxes and then cover them with tinfoil. I have some very pretty boxes from those days. She would cut and layer cardboard to make flowers and curly designs. This is the same concept.

Go to your local hard wear store and buy the metal tape that they use for duct work. NOT duck or duct tape. On the first card I glued Punchinello ribbon, covered the card with my metal tape and burnished down. It made that wonderful circle effect. I rubbed black ink over the card to bring out details. I also used the ribbon as a stencil on the face.

You can use anything you like or nothing at all. I crinkle it up because think it gives it more depth.I’ve painted on it used UTEE, glued my images right to it. Anything goes. You’re only limited by your imagination.


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