Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Journal page swap

So I've been working on some journal pages. approx 8.5 x 10.5 On some of them I've acutally done some personal journal work (I'm sure this is going to impress so many~ not~) and others just the normal bit of arty thought. Oh! how I wish I could letter better.
Typography is just not my thing

I've really enjoyed working on these, the bigger size has been lots of fun. I've used a thick board for my base. I painted them with acrylic before adding all the collage elements. They are two sided so while one side was drying I was off and running on a new page. Every element was outlined with a soft carbon pencil then smeared over with a highlighter. The highlighter kind of
smooshed the carbon and smeared it nicely. ~ I'm using very technical terms here so I hope you can keep up~ I used my Nexus ocher pen to scribble around all collage elements. It's very faint but just adds that little bit of depth. The bummer here is that I have used it all up and can't find a replacement. Pssttt.... on that.

These two pages have my drawings that I enlarged big because they were on the small side, nowhere near filling this kind of space. I then colorized myart with pastels I found in the back room. That's the joy of back rooms you never know what you will find.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Two new moo's

These are two little moo's that I kind of kept. Acutally I really kept them not kind of.

One of my favorite words to say to anyone is "you nut" so these little fellows make me snicker alot.