Mermaid Pendant

Ok, so I made this pendant as a birthday gift for one of my trading peeps. A fab lady over in Ireland.

These pendants can get addicting at times. This one actually has 3 pieces of glass. One is over the background then 2 sandwich the mermaid. Gives it that depth perspective. The little mermaid is my own creation. I joined two elements in Photoshop.
I have been soldering for years now. I first started off using paperclips in the 80’s. Yes that sounds funny but hey they sold. I’ve been making these little glass pendants and earrings and selling them on ebay and on my etsy store

So far so good. Now if I can only make what other people would like and stop making everything I like. I like dark, dank and dreary but really that only goes so far....


Babbetto said…
Dark dank and, I thought I was the only one that liked those, hehe.
I've been dying to learn how to solder so of course I love looking at what everyone else does and drool.

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