Friday, June 27, 2008

How to make a glass marble necklace

Ok, so here is how I made it, I used clear flat glass marbles, silver tape from the hardware store and my solder kit. Which has every thing I need to solder.

Find images you like and glue to the back of the marble and trim. When dry apply the silver tape to cover the back of the marble.
Use your copper tape around the edges.

Solder like usual. If you need a tutorial on soldering go here to see how I do it. The silver tape gives it a nice back and you don't have to waste a lot of solder covering the back.

Make your chains out of 1.5 inch cut paper clips, Jumbo size. You will want to make sure your paper clips are weather proof. Drop them in water to make sure they will not rust. Connect your links with jump rings add your finished glass marbles and voila you have a necklace.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Matchbox art

Ok so I've been playing with matches. It's just a average small matchbox trasformed.
I put these little guys on on ebay and I sold the boxed female, how cool is that! But that little cat I called it "a shine to a kitty soul" did not sell. I really thought that one was the cutest.

Both boxes are covered with old book pages and sealed for proctection. The boxed female I used the whole matchbox I made it into a little shadow box.The kitty I just used the inside of the box. The kitty is in a bottle cap raised from the inside and pierced painted nails all the way around the box.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Working at a library has its perks

I checked out Collage Discovery Workshop by Claudine Hellmuth. Love the book it has some wonderful techniques in it. So I've tried a couple.

This one actually looks very similar to the one she did in the book. Except I had to use what I had on hand so instead of canvas I used chipboard 5x7 painted with antique white acrylic paint not gesso. Covered it with tan tissue paper not a dress pattern. The red is a laser jet print of random art lines. In the book she used clear caulk the kind you use around the tub to do the transfer. I watered down some gel medium to a glue thickness covered the tissue let that dry then slapped some more gel medium on top and while still wet I put the laser jet print on top and smoothed down. When it dried I added water to the paper so I could remove the paper back so it would just leave the red image transfer. Glued my lady and words down. Took a scraper with antique white acrylic and made those lines on the side. Then edged it with dark Old English polish and buffed some on to the whole area.

Ok so with this one, using what is on hand. It is 5x3.5 chipboard painted with antique white acrylic paint. Watered down gel medium slapped on then an old book page put on the wet surface and burnished down. I did not add any gel medium to the top yet. When dry I got some sticky packing tape and burnished it down then pulled it off. This left the other side of the book page in reverse. Color washed it with water colors stamped the green vine. Glued down the lady and words and covered the whole thing with gel medium...ok so here is the cool part from the book. Smear some Vaseline on the parts you do not want covered up by paint then paint over the whole thing. When dry the paint peels off the Vaseline and you get a real cool worn paint look. Then the Old English furniture polish around the edges I didn't have any brunt sienna paint.
There are so many more techniques to try and the other great thing is that I don't have to pay overdue fines.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have nothing to say today but I have been making lots of birds cards lately. It must be all the twittering in the trees. I swear I'm going to start making fish.