Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matal Tape Background

When I was a kid, my grandmother and I use to glue string and cardboard on wooden boxes and then cover them with tinfoil. I have some very pretty boxes from those days. She would cut and layer cardboard to make flowers and curly designs. This is the same concept.

Go to your local hard wear store and buy the metal tape that they use for duct work. NOT duck or duct tape. On the first card I glued Punchinello ribbon, covered the card with my metal tape and burnished down. It made that wonderful circle effect. I rubbed black ink over the card to bring out details. I also used the ribbon as a stencil on the face.

You can use anything you like or nothing at all. I crinkle it up because think it gives it more depth.I’ve painted on it used UTEE, glued my images right to it. Anything goes. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wire and Tissue Paper Fairy Wings

Everything can use a good pair of wings
Ok, so who can’t use a set of fairy wings...I know for one I’d love to have a pair. I’d want green with blue glitter. Well here’s how I make fairy wings. You’ll need some wire, something you can bend easy. Form it into wings. You can make them fancy with curly cues or leave them plain. This set is the basic wing.

Cover tissue paper with glue and cover the wire with the tissue paper, add more glue on the outside of the tissue paper wings also. This will give it more durability and also a nice translucent look. You’ll need to hang your wings to dry usually overnight or if you’re in a hurry like I am use the hairdryer. After they are dry trim and add your glitter or what ever you want to them.

You’re ready to place. When I put wings on an image I will back the image with a thin cardstock of some kind so when I glue the wings in place you won’t see a raised area where the wing back is.
Ok that's it...go make some wings....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Seven Deadly Vices

My Demon Equivalent
I finished up the seven deadly vices for the swap hosted by amyfaerie. It’s another odd circumstance that has occurred. Even before this swap came about I had found this set of art of demons, real demons well as real as you can get, meaning I did not make them up.

They have been sitting around waiting to be made in to cards but I couldn’t figure out how then BAM this swap comes along and I did a little research cause I just like doing that (little known fact, I research a lot of information for my cards and altered books there is meaning to them sometime, something only I know) ok back to what I was writing. Research came up with the fact that each vice or sin it has a demon equivalent.
For instance Greed or Avarice is Mammon and Gluttony is Beelzebub. I might be slow and everyone else knew this but I’m thrilled that I learned something. Well I decided to come up with an 8th vice for a hostess gift. I chose seduction and that demon is Astaroth. I’m kinda proud of my cards oh gees...i’m doing a Lucifer...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mermaid Pendant

Ok, so I made this pendant as a birthday gift for one of my trading peeps. A fab lady over in Ireland.

These pendants can get addicting at times. This one actually has 3 pieces of glass. One is over the background then 2 sandwich the mermaid. Gives it that depth perspective. The little mermaid is my own creation. I joined two elements in Photoshop.
I have been soldering for years now. I first started off using paperclips in the 80’s. Yes that sounds funny but hey they sold. I’ve been making these little glass pendants and earrings and selling them on ebay and on my etsy store

So far so good. Now if I can only make what other people would like and stop making everything I like. I like dark, dank and dreary but really that only goes so far....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How about paper dolls?

I have been working on a set of cards for a swap at It’s the seven deadly sins. My cards will the demon equivalent of the sins, but this is not about those cards, it’s just that I got on a tangent and started thinking about angels as well.
So I made a card for one of my trading buddies over there and I named her Sara Phem for seraphim’s . This might be an instance of me thinking I’m clever but not really.

I have been on a kick with covering cards with that silver metal duct tape. I love this stuff. She’s a little bit of a paper doll because I cut her dress out of decorative paper.
Odd occurrences happen to me from time to time, after doing this card and thinking of paper dolls the next day I found this great book at the library. It’s Artful Paper Dolls By Terry Taylor. It’s that power of positive thinking (now if it will only happen to me with the lottery).

So my next idea will be to make some paper dolls not the average kind, don't snicker. Shoot I might make those seven deadly demon sins into paper just never know.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Easy Peasy Jump Rings

I've seen so many mad rants about jump rings and it's understandable if you are trying to do it
the way the books tell you. Use a third hand and hold the jump ring in place. Pah..I can't hold my hand still enough or get the ring centered correct step father can up with this idea. I hate that I can't say it was mine. It's not, it's his...

Cut a bit of foil in half so that it fits through the jump ring.

Attach the jump ring on to your piece. This way you don’t have to worry about it moving around or having to use a third hand. this is the full thread.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Loteria cards

Well I had no idea what a Loteria card was so my curiosity was peeked when I saw Some wonderful little charms made by hothotgeek on the Simply soldered Pendants group on flickr.

Of course I had to search them. It’s a Mexican game of chance kinda like bingo but with images. And it’s the images that are so cute. Oh! gees...I wrote cute..oh well that’s what they are. The Siren is my fav following in at a close second the penguin. Yep I said penguin. It seems there are many different little images out there and I like the penguin.
Well you know what this means...They are just begging to be cut, glued, soldered, stamped, ripped, UTEEed to death.. and of course I must .