May is my month

Gees....Everything is so nifty in May. At least for me. So let me tell you why.

I'm the featured artist on the atcsforall's website. How cool is that! I'm all giddy about it.

I've also been selected as one of 10 artist to have an ATC in the ACEO magazine. That one made me all a flutter.

My mother and I are having a small art show this Thursday, crossing fingers that something sells. It's going to be great to spend time with my mom. And my next high moment for the month of May is. I had a book review published in the Georgia Library Quarterly Magazine. It's all slick and pretty and my name is even spelled correct. It's all about ME!!!!!! finally


DF - Heidi said…
hey i'm getting excited for you - i dont think you could cram anything else good into May that was sure a great month - big it up well done too you ;0)

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