The Family

I was trying a technique from the Somerset magazine. Painting over black and white Xerox copy. This is my parents, they look real happy but that only lasted for three years. They were married in Ethiopia. I have this in my art hovel so I can ponder on it. The nice thing about my parents is that they always stayed friends so when my mom sees this she won't freak. I love how the veil turned out in this, I used tissue paper a suggestion by my husband. is where I'm going to let you in on family secrets....We have kept this fact silent for many years, for the sake of the grand parents (they were so old fashion, the grandmother still)My father passed away at the tender age of 45 he died a very proud and nobel gay man (and I don't mean he was happy all the time). My father the research scientist, his life work to study cancer. A very talented artist and my father....Charles Gschwind... look him up... bet you can't understand anything he wrote about.


DF - Heidi said…
beautiful piece and i can say yep i do know what your father is talking about -rolf - bet you are proud of what he did achieve so sad he died when he was so young and so talented - just like you ;0)

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