Wire and Tissue Paper Fairy Wings

this is a re-post of 2008 but I love making these and if someone comes upon this blog and has a need for fairy wings at least you won't have to dig around in the blog for it. ...my nails always look that horrid I play with too much brown ink
Everything can use a good pair of wings
Ok, so who can’t use a set of fairy wings...I know for one I’d love to have a pair. I’d want green with blue glitter. Well here’s how I make fairy wings. You’ll need some wire, something you can bend easy. Form it into wings. You can make them fancy with curly cues or leave them plain. This set is the basic wing.

Cover tissue paper with glue and cover the wire with the tissue paper, add more glue on the outside of the tissue paper wings also. This will give it more durability and also a nice translucent look. You’ll need to hang your wings to dry usually overnight or if you’re in a hurry like I am use the hairdryer. After they are dry trim and add your glitter or what ever you want to them.

You’re ready to place. When I put wings on an image I will back the image with a thin cardstock of some kind so when I glue the wings in place you won’t see a raised area where the wing back is.
Ok that's it...go make some wings....


Eveline said…
What a great idea to use the wings like that!

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