Marie Antoinette BIG Hair Tutorial

Paint Over and Tissue Hair Technique

 I used a computer print out of Marie Antoinette the original BIG hair Queen,
She's younger in these and not so big in the hair dept. You can use any image you want, next time I might try my cat she'd look real good with big hair.
 Cover the image with white Gesso, it will dry a bit transparent.  I blot areas that I would like to see more of the image to come through.
 Once the Gesso is dry, paint over the image. Here I used art markers and highlighters. Neon dry board markers are fun too just make sure to
set them with fixative or hairspray or they might rub off.

 The pink in the cheeks is the neon dry board markers.
Outline the image with a black pen, Sharpie Rapidograph, something thin in the tip.
 Now it's time for the tissue paper. I used white, you could use any color you wanted.
 I loaded the tissue paper with lots of PVA glue, school glue and molded it right on top of the paper the image is on. Once dry it's stuck to the paper which gives it it's backing. I let it dry overnight then used an ink pad to color the hair. Marker transferred to a cosmetic sponge will work also.
Cut your image out and place her on whatever you want.
That's it, I've used this for making ATC's.
 These ladies are a bit bigger so I will use them in a mixed media project.


Kim Andersen said…
I love your photo altering technique. You've really made the image your own. Thanks for sharing - great tutorial!

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