The Princess Pixel Diaries

That's what I call my book of stuff. I've repurposed the book The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot into my book of stuff. This is the first and I plan on naming them after my pets (kids). This one is for Pixel she is my little girl sheltie and she is 13 years old. The idea of the book is not really a journal and I don’t like the name junk journal because the stuff I like I don’t see as junk.

The book starts out as a way to clean off my paint brushes or to try out my markers. The pages just get filled with excess color from whatever I am working on.  Then I fill it with all the bits of stuff I have collected and did not want to throw away. Bits I want to keep but not use in my collages.

Lets see… I have hang tags from clothing, the plastic tags they put in flowers at the home improvement stores. Envelops and stamps from people I’ve swapped art with. Magazines clips and candy wrappers. Stuff I like and don’t want to share.

I carry it with me almost everywhere it’s the book that gets doodles and an occasional sentence thrown in. Mostly doodles. That’s my book, now I’m on the hunt for the next perfect book for Ingrid.



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