Moleskine exchange

I am in a Moleskine exchange at ATC's for all
Each artist picked a theme and mine is birdie related.

There are seven artist in this exchange and we have a month to work on four pages in each book. So that means I won't be seeing my little book for awhile.

It's a little intimidating to work on someone elses book, but once you get the glue and paint on it it no longer has the odd feeling.


purplecat said…
I love your first pages in your book!
I am in the second moleskin exchange group, and have done my pages and sent my book off and am waiting for the book from the first person to arrive, I am soo nervous about doing someone elses book!
Mary said…
You've been tagged by me! Visit my blog to read more, or use this link -->
WW said…
Loving your blog MsEgg.
Stop by mine...I've given you an award!
Gaby Bee said…
I love these pages! The birds, the colors, all the little details and your composition brings it all together beautifully.
Gaby xo
Brack and Shirl said…
Wow Love all the pages! What a great idea! I just love the birds!

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