Moo Cards

Ok, so I had no idea what a moo card was till I joined a swap. So a moo card is 1 -1/8" x 2 3/4" in size. These are some moos I made.

Ok so I'm slow at this and had to do research on what a moo is and it turns out it's a big deal. Lots of folks are moo collectors and the real moo is a printed card produced in England.

You can get your own art printed on one of these little guys. And guess what I did? I went and got some printed. Whoo Hooo!!! They came in yesterday so here they are too.
The site was easy to navigate and I even found a discount code online. The site is

The cards do not look cheap they are nice slick and crisp. Yeah, I'll be back for more.


WW said…
Very cool Ms Egg!!
I checked out the site. I may be tempted to try them.
Wish I could find that discount code!!
Gaby Bee said…
Once again you have done a wonderful job with color and texture. Love them all!
roc said…
love your moos!!
TanyaMac said…
Oh wow these look goooood!!!

p.s you are my BFF - check out your award in my latest blog post :)*
vintagepix said…
I think Moo is addictive and should have a surgeon general's warning... Great cards!

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