How to make a glass marble necklace

Ok, so here is how I made it, I used clear flat glass marbles, silver tape from the hardware store and my solder kit. Which has every thing I need to solder.

Find images you like and glue to the back of the marble and trim. When dry apply the silver tape to cover the back of the marble.
Use your copper tape around the edges.

Solder like usual. If you need a tutorial on soldering go here to see how I do it. The silver tape gives it a nice back and you don't have to waste a lot of solder covering the back.

Make your chains out of 1.5 inch cut paper clips, Jumbo size. You will want to make sure your paper clips are weather proof. Drop them in water to make sure they will not rust. Connect your links with jump rings add your finished glass marbles and voila you have a necklace.


What a cool thing.........They look really good. Diane
Shirley said…
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vintagepix said…
Great tip about the silver tape! I'll have to give that a whirl :D

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