I've been working on my own little journal.
I thought about making one
even went to Hobby Lobby to look
for nice paper
then realized I had this 40% coupon,
decided I was too lazy to make one so
bought a cold press watercolor journal.

My first page ( still in progress)
is a copy of my husband and
myself. Totally going for the
American Gothic look

This really has nothing to do with my journal
but I've forgotten my flickr password, for the
life of me I can't remember it.


VBR said…
I think this journal is going to be a little beauty. The goth look to your photo is great. I always love to look at Eggie work - the whimsy there is always so much fun to view!
Cheryl Ann said…
Your blog is wonderful...love those journal pages!
brett said…
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roc said…
that journal is awesome! it's going to be gorgeous when it's all done. you do such great work greer!
Cheryl said…
I just stumbled upon your blog today. I have to tell you that your art is fascinatingly unique and fun. I love blog lurking, but rarely comment, unless someone inspires me to do so.

Kudos on your journal, your jewelry, and your cards, all of it!

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