Saturday, September 20, 2008

Joys of Solder

I’ve been having fun with my solder gun again. It comes in spurts and a lot of spurts happened when I received that groovy book from Mireya. I made a little domino fish necklace. It’s a smaller domino than usual I gave him a hinged body because I liked the idea of him whipping his tail about. I also did this with a mermaid which I’ve hung on my rear view mirror and I love the effect of it.

I also had the mad idea of how to display inchies that I have received from other artist. So low and behold they make great charms.

All I did was cut a piece of glass one inch and encased these little bits of delightful art and added a bit of other charms to it.
The little rinchies are made by roc, aren't they the cutest? And I have a little bottle cap charm that Tanya Mac made me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My New Fav Book

Ok, so I had a B'Day a while back in Aug. and I got the coolest surprise from Mireya (folks also know her as Art4mysanity) an ATC shirine, what a cool thing that is. And the way cool thing is she sent me a book from my wish list
This book is so cool. It inspired me to go play with solder again. I'll put those up later. So here is a cyber hug to you Mireya!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!