My New Fav Book

Ok, so I had a B'Day a while back in Aug. and I got the coolest surprise from Mireya (folks also know her as Art4mysanity) an ATC shirine, what a cool thing that is. And the way cool thing is she sent me a book from my wish list
This book is so cool. It inspired me to go play with solder again. I'll put those up later. So here is a cyber hug to you Mireya!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!


WW said…
Yay for you Ms Egg.
I'm gonna have to go take a peek at this book online!
TanyaMac said…
Awww Nooooo! I missed your b'day!!! Poooo! Did you have an extra good one? Will you ever forgive me Miss Eggs?? :)*
roc said…
this book is awesome! i know you will enjoy it!
Nicks said…
such a fab blog I don't know what to comment on first, love everything, it's like a breath of fresh air!

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